The Miami Beach Masterminds!
-Helping people get from A to "Be"

-Connect with growth-minded people to live a better life without the stress

-Increasing productivity through peace of mind
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Who is Joe Metcalfe...
Seven years ago I began a journey.  After a career in sales and investing, I slowly transformed into someone who simplified his life to have less stress and more inner peace.  That transformation was the seed for my first published book, The Inner Peace Experiment.  I have been meditating during that seven-year period and have been teaching mindful living and it's relation to peak performance and lowering stress.  
Who I Serve...
Feeling stressed or overwhelmed?  Maybe you feel you're not where you "should be" in life?  I have seen firsthand the life-changing benefits of meditation, mindful living, and accountability which can bring focus and clarity into one's life.  My passion is to share what I've learned to help others develop an increased awareness of the present moment. I work with people who are looking to reduce stress, sustain energy, sharpen awareness, observe and control emotions, build better relationships, as well as increase productivity and performance.  
How I Can Help You...
1 on 1
Phone Coaching
Looking for some accountability in your life? Coaching is essential to finding clarity and growth. Learn about all the benefits working directly with me to transform your life.  Schedule your free consultation now!
Live Mastermind Workshops 
Connect with other growth-minded people sharing ides, creating and fulfilling our intentions, and learning more about mindful living and meditation.  These live events are empowering, engaging and a lot of fun!  Learn more and sign up here! 
YouTube Videos
Check out the videos of my first mastermind and book launch in NYC!
The first step is to talk with Joe to learn more about the events or working with him directly.
Download This Free Guide and Checklist - 9 Timeless Solutions to Have More Clarity and Peak Performance Without the Stress...It's FREE!!
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